VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.0 Released

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New release of vba-m is now officially out. This release solves issue #255 where there was a security vulnerability found in the elf parser.

Now keep in mind the flags we used for our release builds help mitigate the issue before we knew of the issue, but it was still an issue that needed to be fix and special thanks to zzazzdzz on github who pointed out the issue, it was able to be fixed. Changelog are here!

68028b5 - (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) minor fix for mingw cross build (9 hours ago)
498019a - (origin/osx-32bit) support older 32 bit macs running 10.7, fix build (11 hours ago)
6b48625 - fix some ELF parsing vulnerabilities #255 (30 hours ago)
c63d364 - travis: add job for libretro module (2 days ago)
ef8c89f - Libretro: Do not compile arm disassembly module (2 days ago)
6343191 - fix 2 broken URLs in builder script (3 days ago)
48af382 - travis: move cache key for ccache into jobs (3 days ago)
21b718b - Add Coverity Badge (4 days ago)
8778837 - add Travis CI support (4 days ago)
fde9d73 - installdeps: add ccache to list of deps (4 days ago)
77a3673 - installdeps: install wx-common for mxe for wxrc (4 days ago)
90188e8 - installdeps: fix build instructions for mxe (4 days ago)
816aab9 - fix installdeps for ubuntu:trusty (4 days ago)
e4923e7 - fix save dialogs on Mac #268 (4 days ago)
66a50e3 - note how to reset config in windows in (7 days ago)
ed00dc7 - use GetWindow()->Refresh() on non-GTK too #260 (12 days ago)
89228b0 - fix high CPU usage under wxgtk2 #260 (12 days ago)
d160321 - fix $ENV{WX_CONFIG} check yet again (12 days ago)
0489756 - fix $ENV{WX_CONFIG} check in 46f5294 (12 days ago)
46f5294 - do not prefer wxgtk3 if $ENV{WX_CONFIG} is set (12 days ago)
437b366 - clean up wxgtk3 finding cmake code (12 days ago)
2efcb62 - support and default to wxgtk3 not gtk2 on arch (13 days ago)
430b5d6 - fix Mac OS 10.13 build issues (13 days ago)
9222894 - Merge pull request #263 from retro-wertz/patch-2 (2 weeks ago)
02e1f49 - Add couple of file ext on .gitignore (2 weeks ago)
fad1dd1 - Merge pull request #262 from retro-wertz/libretro (2 weeks ago)
9c85991 - Opps (2 weeks ago)
009c09e - GBA: Show log when rom uses SRAM of FLASH save types (2 weeks ago)
90bc79f - Libretro: implement vbam logging using libretro logging api (2 weeks ago)
f4b88ba - Libretro: Remove GBA LCD filter (2 weeks ago)
76389d8 - RTC: Change this #ifdef to GBA_LOGGING (2 weeks ago)
710d2f3 - UtilRetro: Remove LCD filter (2 weeks ago)
e0fe836 - Makefile: Add option for sanitizer, add -DNO_DEBUGGER (2 weeks ago)
94d0767 - Makefile: Remove sources we dont need (2 weeks ago)
50e91f7 - Remove unrelated function during rom load (2 weeks ago)
3c0e88b - Remove wrong #ifdef decleration (2 weeks ago)
3791b0a - Libretro: Fix samplerate not passed correctly to gba core (2 weeks ago)
3385be2 - Silence some warnings (2 weeks ago)
4d4819f - Libretro: Add core options for Sound Interpolation and Filtering (2 weeks ago)
94f1102 - Libretro: Add core option to mute sound channels (2 weeks ago)
5a4c788 - Merge pull request #256 from retro-wertz/patch-1 (2 weeks ago)
bdb164b - Set mirroringEnable to false (2 weeks ago)
0047fa1 - Merge pull request #253 from retro-wertz/libretro (2 weeks ago)
17b681b - ereader.cpp: Silence warning (2 weeks ago)
27fa30b - Libretro: Disable cheats by default, update to bios loading (2 weeks ago)
01c5f46 - Libretro: Cleanup controller layout binds (2 weeks ago)
319a486 - Libretro: Do not allow opposing directions (2 weeks ago)
2c46522 - Libretro: Add Solar Sensor (3 weeks ago) <U-DESKTOP-UVBJEGHCloud>
037e377 - let's place these in the correct spot shall we? (3 weeks ago)
90d2f5c - Added retro-wertz for his contributions in bringing in libretro back to speed and other things (3 weeks ago)
03bc7c2 - Merge pull request #249 from retro-wertz/updates (3 weeks ago)
991fc74 - Do this for GBA sound enhancements too (3 weeks ago)
4e4424e - GB: Fix sound options not working (3 weeks ago)
abb62df - pause on menu pulldown on windows only (FIXED) (3 weeks ago)
cb3e9e3 - pause on menu pulldown on windows only (3 weeks ago)
1115be1 - Merge pull request #248 from retro-wertz/updates (3 weeks ago)
bc0e169 - Add missing file (3 weeks ago) <U-DESKTOP-UVBJEGHCloud>
edf939e - Gfx: Add #ifdef _MSC_VER, fix tiled rendering on windows (3 weeks ago)
57dc0c2 - Move gfxDrawTextScreen() into GBAGfx.cpp (3 weeks ago)
27aeb6d - Re-add Types.h, remove some more #ifdef (3 weeks ago)
9ec142d - Add header guard (3 weeks ago) <U-DESKTOP-UVBJEGHCloud>
7a194fb - do not pause games when menus are pulled down (3 weeks ago)
6e18c3c - exclude headers for now (3 weeks ago)
947cd10 - minor OSD code cleanup (3 weeks ago)
0dc3e06 - update installdeps for opensuse (3 weeks ago)
cafe905 - Fix a cast for msvc compilers (4 weeks ago)
07bc2ee - Merge pull request #246 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
1606ea7 - libretro: Cleanup some #ifdefs (4 weeks ago)
1d4dacc - Merge pull request #244 from retro-wertz/fix_gba_cheats (4 weeks ago)
e2dff89 - Fix cheats not working in GBA (4 weeks ago)
a3510c9 - Merge pull request #243 from retro-wertz/fix_opcode (4 weeks ago)
9ab2ee6 - Fix some opcodes in arm (4 weeks ago)
a5e717a - add brace so it doesn't break compilation (4 weeks ago)
4a615ab - Gonna take my time and actually work on a D3D9 panel. Documentation here I come. (4 weeks ago)
fdb39a1 - Merge pull request #242 from retro-wertz/fix_alignments (4 weeks ago)
26c8c61 - Fix some formatting alignments in arm/thumb opcodes (4 weeks ago)
7c3d8d0 - Merge pull request #241 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
8edd4ce - libretro: Fix save types not properly set using overrides (4 weeks ago)
893269d - Merge pull request #239 from retro-wertz/libretro (4 weeks ago)
3411aa3 - libretro: Use stdint.h instead in most cases (4 weeks ago)
1f20ba8 - libretro: Update (4 weeks ago)
b0982ac - Always apply map masks (4 weeks ago)
ff4f123 - libretro: Fix wrong file pointer (4 weeks ago)
8f6e5de - libretro: Fix error : narrowing conversion (4 weeks ago)
8a1fd58 - libretro: Add header guard to UtilRetro.h (4 weeks ago)
85dea8a - add cygwin cross build support (9 weeks ago)
8638c76 - require pkg-config in cmake for gtk checks #227 (9 weeks ago)
60f2bd3 - remove ffmpeg from suse installdeps (9 weeks ago)
9933b6b - if cross compiling openssl, need to add --cross-compile-prefix=- (2 months ago)
55caf62 - win cross script: pass RANLIB to openssl make (2 months ago)
9cd26b2 - windows cross build script: use autoconf for bzip2 (2 months ago)
d5f90f0 - fix SDL sound on windows (3 months ago)
fe9f064 - fix msys2 builder script (3 months ago)
70c8dee - cmake: default ENABLE_OPENAL to OFF (3 months ago)
d992cfa - Finalize vertical draw fixes and code cleanup (3 months ago)
62e8098 - Fix forbidden conversion in remote.cpp (3 months ago)
edb2fd2 - Merge pull request #214 from Eleuin/name-fixes (3 months ago)
9843af2 - Fix cmake directory in installdeps (3 months ago)
80bcdab - Fix draw height across rendering modes (3 months ago)
f3f6ee7 - fix compile errors with ffmpeg git (3 months ago)
5ae853a - fix installdeps for OpenSUSE (3 months ago)
8540860 - adjust changelog version regex for cur. version (4 months ago)
61e2f3b - Merge pull request #204 from Eleuin/filter-bounds-fix (4 months ago)
d7a4edd - Fixed filter draw bounds (4 months ago)



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