VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.2 Released

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Most notably, this release fixes the analog stick regression from v2.1.1, fixes RPI plugins support, supports remembering the game window geometry (including fullscreen) and properly supports XDG config directories (thanks to @denisfa for the latter two.)

In addition there are fixes for a bunch of warnings, resulting in a couple of actual bug fixes (thanks @denisfa) and various build related improvements.

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95433f6 - release v2.1.2 (73 minutes ago)
5b9d1a7 - cmake: improve finding wx utils (19 hours ago)
836b74a - remove DOS line-ends from src/wx/xrc/*.xrc (2 days ago)
49205bf - remove unused "multithread filter" menu item (2 days ago)
331d9d3 - Fix compilation warnings for MacOS build. (3 days ago)
5540790 - fix some compilation warnings (12 days ago)
d919728 - Fix for resizing window geometry when loading games. (3 days ago)
64a9c09 - fix analog stick regression from e57beed #400 (5 days ago)
0f0d240 - more specific check for 3.1.2 xrc error (5 days ago)
d9a7df6 - fix if statement in SDL sound driver #396 (5 days ago)
41ee35f - add *.dll to .gitignore (5 days ago)
6ec4667 - installdeps: centos: do not install wx 2.8 (9 days ago)
2097b5a - wx 2.8 compat fixes, centos support, cmake fixes (9 days ago)
b69fced - cmake: refactor, better clang support (11 days ago)
7fb27c4 - cmake: check for broken LTO (11 days ago)
f2e9dc5 - cmake: check for policy CMP0077 existence (11 days ago)
ae38a70 - cmake: gcc/clang colors with ninja, fix warnings (12 days ago)
23fe13d - cmake: fix syntax error in Win32Deps.cmake (2 weeks ago)
59e9c69 - reset Xorg screensaver on joy events (2 weeks ago)
a0283ea - fix game panel size on wxGTK #325 (2 weeks ago)
f1ecd7c - auto deps for visual studio, take 1 (2 weeks ago)
3da07f4 - detect llvm toolchain utilities #392 (3 weeks ago)
c714ff8 - fix problems of command line parameters (3 weeks ago)
a1f0c34 - XDG followup work #94 (3 weeks ago)
2142a46 - Revert "travis: try re-enabling binary check" (3 weeks ago)
101fac5 - travis: try re-enabling binary sanity check (3 weeks ago)
6ca5941 - travis: disable mxe pkg key (3 weeks ago)
a57e51f - Return non-error code for given command line parameters. (3 weeks ago)
3fd444d - XDG related cleanups #94 (3 weeks ago)
513b055 - minor travis update for mingw jobs (4 weeks ago)
1ebb8ef - Fix to set correctly position Y. (4 weeks ago)
944c263 - auto save/load geometry for wx GUI #94 (4 weeks ago)
36fbf71 - travis update attempt 5 (4 weeks ago)
77bcbbf - travis update attempt 4 (4 weeks ago)
7b3a3a0 - travis update attempt 3 (4 weeks ago)
8f0a578 - travis update attempt 2 (4 weeks ago)
dbd1d8c - attempt to re-enable travis mingw slaves (4 weeks ago)
530af14 - rpi plugins fix + paths enhancements #94 (4 weeks ago)
6a98f3c - define S_ISDIR for win32 #94 (4 weeks ago)
7373da1 - Fix segmentation fault issue when using WX port command line on Linux and MacOS. (4 weeks ago)
3645388 - XDG Base Dir Spec followup #383 (4 weeks ago)
39fd3f6 - add note to about translations (5 weeks ago)
24fd4e9 - move factory reset to help menu (5 weeks ago)
5835daf - translate battery save error #318 (5 weeks ago)
d2922cf - stop showing "wrote battery" msg on panel #318 (5 weeks ago)
646557e - Add support for the XDG Base Dir Spec for Linux with legacy support. (5 weeks ago)

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