VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.3 Released

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This release is just to fix a serious problem with the game area geometry/resizing on Windows in 2.1.2. The other geometry fixes apply to other OSes as well.

1401573 - release v2.1.3 (50 minutes ago)
ac35e37 - fix game geometry on windows (5 hours ago)
9fa544d - cmake: wxWidgets Release config for visual studio (5 hours ago)
3cacb36 - libretro: put " " between version and git sha (26 hours ago)
c2656f1 - libretro: remove "-" between version and git sha (26 hours ago)
4203bb5 - libretro: set version with git sha (28 hours ago)
8abbb07 - cmake: use Win32Deps when mingw cross compiling (29 hours ago)
ffc9309 - builder: freetype 2.9.1 -> 2.10.0, verbose make (29 hours ago)
d08dd6c - builder: opensuse update 2 (2 days ago)
9b38a38 - builder: updates for opensuse, refactor cross deps (2 days ago)
d28fd30 - cmake: only link SetupAPI on win32 if it's found (2 days ago)
af63a11 - cmake: add -lSetupAPI to SDL2 libs for win32 (3 days ago)
04c77a2 - update win32 dependencies submodule (4 days ago)
5dfb36a - remove .clang-format, update .travis.yml (4 days ago)
ed16d62 - add unistd.h compat header for visual studio (4 days ago)
5019a20 - [SDL Front] MSVC doesn't have an unistd.h system file, closest is io.h, this will fix building the SDL frontend with msvc again. (7 days ago)
2ae72f3 - fix starting game pos and geometry #406 (8 days ago)
2beb561 - cmake: move wx funcs and macros into separate file (9 days ago)
468fe26 - fix lang in changelog, add bios to issue template (11 days ago)

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