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VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.9 released

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VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.9 has now been released. Release notes are the following:

[2.1.9] - 2024-03-02

  • 84b0a3e3 - Remove SDL sound driver [rkitover]
  • 2ad7dd1a - Fix wav audio recording [40356555+Aikku93]
  • 23ef8ef0 - Dialog appearance improvements + link warning [zachbacon]
  • a0452701 - build: don't fseeko64()/ftello64() on musl libc [rkitover]
  • 9e9fe812 - visualboyadvance-m.metainfo.xml: add screenshots to the metainfo [zachbacon]

Here are the downloads for the available platforms



Snaps and flatpaks will be updated soon.

Server Upgrade in progress

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This is just a heads up, in the next few hours, there will be some downtime involved with the server hosting The server will be upgrading to a new release of ubuntu server.

Apologies for the downtime

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Apologies for the downtime, we have had some issues where we had to provision new hardware for the server, everything is back up now and should be running including the nightlies.

On top of that, word has come that there's a domain out there that is literally taking our releases and using it for their own, just as a reminder, if you haven't gotten it from our github releases page found at or at our then treat all others as untrusted. Remember, trust official sources only.

Server update

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Performing a server upgrade, boards will be down until update is completed.

EDIT: Server upgrade is now completed.

Server Maintenance Completed

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Server maintenance has been completed.

Server Maintenance

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There is going to be some maintenance done on the server, some downtime is inevitable.